Iowa Toddler Sprays Joe Biden with Pee Pee


AMES IOWA – Vice President Joe Biden had to cut short a campaign stop here today after being urinated on by 8 month old Timothy Weldon. The incident happened early this morning during a rope line photo opportunity here in the pivotal swing state.

According to field reports, the Vice President had just picked young Timmy up when the toddler became agitated. As Biden began making goofy faces and loud obnoxious baby talk noises, a stream of bright yellow pee pee arched upward, spraying the stunned VP and eliciting audible gasps and muffled laughter from the nearby crowd.

Secret service agents were quick to respond to the incident, rerouting the toddler’s pee stream away from the Vice President and into a crowd of unsuspecting and bewildered onlookers just over his shoulder. Read More →